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We at Wizard of Sound understand that in today's day and age, it is often difficult for people to find time just for themselves. People would rather go on vacations, travel, party or just sleep at home (yes, we know your secret!), instead of taking the effort to better their lives by cultivating positive habits.
We have therefore created unique art imbibing energized Crystals and our Vastu knowledge, into paintings, which are not only aesthetically pleasing to look at, but are also beneficial and are one of the best ways to bring life supporting energies influencing finance, education, relationships, health, children, reputation, etc.
Energized crystals also add an extra spark of elegance and positivity to you house or office, providing the vibrant energy you need to have a great day.

Gomti Tree

Gomati Chakra is a white colored natural sea shell which found in 'Gomati River' and it has a small circle on the one side of the shell. The chakra represents the symbol of Goddess Lakshmi. As per belief, it is said that a person who worships or keeps this Gomati Chakra will be blessed for wealth growth, happiness and prosperity

Tiger Eye Bracelet

Tiger Eye Stone of Courage - Protector, Confidence, Will Power - Brow, Solar Plexus Chakra Stone
This Is A Powerful Stone That Aids Harmony And Balance, And Helps You To Release Fear And Anxiety

Amethyst Bracelet

Natural stress reliever
Brings protection & growth

Seven chakra bracelet

When 7 Chakra Bracelets are worn, it helps to keep the seven Chakras at their right energy levels causing the wearer to feel more balanced. The task becomes attainable as it helps to focus on keeping the chakras open and replace negative thoughts with an optimistic outlook towards life

Crystal Organe pyramids

Gifts with a deeper meaning crystal orgone pyramids that everyone would love..

Common benefits of orgone pyramids
Neutralize EMF rediation
Clear Negetive energy
Aid in meditation
Support restful sleep
Relieve Stress
Purify the atmosphere. With such a long list of benefits people have experienced. Havingan orgone pyramid in every room at home.

Crystal Tree

Inaditional feng shui, trees create a space where chi or life force energy can freely flow

The energy of gemstone trees is one of freely flowing abundance
Whether you place this little crystal trees in your home as a decoration, the gemstone tree is beautiful all by itself.
Use these little gemstone trees to "grow" positive energy in your and attract positive energy into your home.